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Why rent a tired and dreary conference room or auditorium? Schedule your corporate events on the Lady Maribel Boat Charters.

You and your employees will be more focused and relaxed. We can accommodate most corporate events depending on the number of people attending. Corporate events include meetings, retreats, trainings and corporate parties.

The Lady Maribel offers your company yacht chartering with privacy and comfortable surroundings. Hold your events aboard the Lady Maribel Yacht Charters with a maximum capacity of 12 guests.

  • Boat Charters for Corporate Events
  • Boat Charters for Corporate Meetings
  • Yacht Chartering for Corporate Parties
  • Yacht Chartering for Corporate Retreats

Yacht Chartering for Corporate Parties


Allow your employees to cut loose aboard the Lady Maribel. We have plenty of space for your corporate parties. There’s plenty of space to host your corporate parties. There’s room for a live DJ, full bar and other activities. The Lady Maribel allows you to throw corporate parties your employees won’t forget. Aboard the Lady Maribel you’ll party all day and night with your corporate parties.

  • Space for a live DJ or band
  • Room for a full bar
  • Yacht Chartering for Small to medium-sized companies
  • Corporate award ceremonies
  • Boat Charters for Year-end parties

Schedule Corporate Meeting with Boat Charters by Lady Maribel


Hold your corporate meetings in privacy and style upon Seattle's private boat charters by Lady Maribel. The Lady Maribel is a preferred choice for local corporate meetings.

The Lady Maribel allows you to hold your corporate meetings in secret. This way corporate spying is kept to a minimum. After your corporate meetings you can charter to see the sites on Puget Sound.

Your employees will enjoy the comfortable surroundings of the Lady Maribel. Get more work done in less time in your corporate meetings. Choose the Lady Maribel today.

  • Private surroundings for important meetings
  • Corporate trainings in a comfortable setting
  • Weekly, monthly and annual meetings
  • Puget Sound site seeing tours

Have the time and space you need aboard your own private yacht. Book your stay on the Lady Maribel today!